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Expert Advice from Condo Specialists

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Our focus in on Quality v/s Pricing this month

While checking out Condominiums you will find a Significant price difference. There are a many variables affecting the price of the Condominium Property. While buying and selling both the condos specialists have a tip here: Understand the difference between a Property Value and the Property Price. Property Value is not the cost of the making and the additions over the property. It is different from the Property Price.


There are a few factors that are affecting the Property Value and hence the Property Price; they are age of the Condos, Bigger square footage, profile of the city, condos with high reputation, basic economic theory, higher profile building, extras (extra parking space, gardening facility, upgrades within the condos) floor height, premium for higher floor, resale condos, calculate the value of the Condominium your are paying for.


Watch out for the factors whether buying or selling your Condominium. This is another reason why a Condominium looking exactly similar are sold out at different prices.


Ask for it:

Is it worth it? (If you are buying) Does it deserve more than the price of the Condominium at the neighborhood? (If you are selling)